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Meet our dynamic team at Made New!

Sietse is our talented Video Content Creator who brings stories to life through captivating visuals and engaging narratives.

Meanwhile, Henri, our Marketing expert, excels in crafting powerful strategies to reach your target audience effectively.

With a keen eye for design, Henri also specializes in creating stunning websites that not only look impressive but also drive results.

Together, Sietse and Henri combine their skills to deliver exceptional digital experiences that elevate your brand presence and resonate with your audience.

Owner Made New Media is Sietse Westerhof (photo left)

Owner Made New Website is Henri Cooiman (photo right)

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us


Speedy Launches

Rapid Website Launch: Launch your business idea within 1 day with a unique website, branding video, and social media marketing.


Holistic Marketing

Marketing Expertise: Our team deeply understands marketing strategies, funnels, and video marketing to attract more customers to your site.


Interactive Communities

Custom Solutions: We can create learning environments, communities, and tailor-made experiences on your website to enhance customer engagement.

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